A Newer Luxury Home with More than a Touch of Nostalgia

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Fishers luxury homes can be categorized as ultra-modern or even exhilarating contemporary, incorporating the latest wifi- and Bluetooth-enabled smart home technology in with elegant design and craftsmanship. Or they can be the polar opposite—luxury homes that meticulously preserve the authentic antique artisanship of past eras.

Last week, a luxury home was listed in Billings, Montana, that arguably blends unique elements of both categories. “Luxury” may be an understatement, given the scale of the property—and that’s not the only understatement. The workmanship may not actually be “authentic” (the property was built six years ago)—but design elements from past eras are definitely incorporated. For instance, it has a turret and moat— “with affixed drawbridge.”

Described both as “a stone estate” and (more fittingly), “a castle,” the property isn’t for everyone—especially for small families or those on a tight budget (the Zillow-estimated mortgage payment is $63,000 a month). Its 30,843 square feet include 15 full bedrooms, a 14-car garage, indoor shooting range, two-lane bowling alley, five-story circular glass elevator, three swimming pools, and a 12-seat theater (the seats fully recline).

It is certainly no exaggeration to accept the claim that it is “unparalleled by any other property in the area,” since the Zillow stats reveal that “this home is valued 3453.1% higher than the median home” in the neighborhood. Given all the included smart home electronics, security is clearly not a problem. Still, for those drawn to the nostalgic component that attracts today’s typical castle owner, it might be an appropriate touch to include crocodiles for the moat.

The current offerings of Fishers luxury homes encompass a host of styles and extraordinary features—but at the moment, no castles. Call us for a custom compilation of properties that meet your exact requirements!

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