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Even for homeowners who moved into a new Fishers house as recently as a few years ago, the pace of technological advance is such that it’s easy to lose track of many fledgling household products that use technology in new and useful ways. Whereas earlier introductions often qualified as little more than nifty, fun-to-mess-with gadgets, many newer arrivals are well worth looking into:

·         More than just a cold storage unit, some smart refrigerators can sport touchscreens that put recipes right there where the ingredients are kept. They allow grocery list inputting—and make online grocery ordering quick and simple. Once Fishers users get used to the convenience, it’s easy to see why running the household kitchen with a dumb ol’ fridge may one day become a relic of the past.

·         Smart ovens with temperature probes to monitor food doneness (and signal when it’s finished cooking) can remove the guesswork from many tricky recipes. GE’s Profile Smart Oven allows cooks to control from a smartphone, so you can preheat, set timers, and monitor meal preparation from afar.

·         Advanced dishwashers don’t put the glasses away for you, but the newer smart ones somehow sense how dirty the dishes are and adjust accordingly. This can be a true Fishers water and electricity saver.

·         Other smaller smart items have smartphone interactivity, so things like coffee-makers and crock pots are easily triggered and monitored from any distance (including right there in the kitchen, when smartphone controls can be much easier to operate than the ones on the item’s own touchpad!).

·         Beyond the kitchen, any number of household smart devices are worth investigating—from doorbell cameras for enhanced security to smart faucets that obey voice commands…

Increasingly, buyers and sellers of Fishers houses are reacting favorably to properties smarter than their less-advanced predecessors. Upgrading can be expensive if done for its own sake, but when one of your Fishers household appliances begins to holler ‘uncle!’ anyway, checking into replacements with smart features can become an economical move. Call us anytime: we keep up with the latest tech updates that get the best reviews.

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