Billy Joel’s Listing Timing and Indianapolis Property Sales

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Last week, reporters for Long Island’s Newsday reported an Oyster Bay real estate item that attracted national attention due to its sellers’ identity. Singer/songwriting legend Billy Joel had put his “Middlesea” estate on the market, listing it for a nifty $49 million.

That sum would purchase the 5-bedroom, 8-bath, 20,000 sq ft mansion, as well as a 3-bedroom beach house, bowling alley, in-ground swimming pool, and the helicopter pad that enables avoiding those irritating Long Island summertime traffic jams. But a quick sale may be far from a done deal. BJ once tried to sell it for $10 million more than the $22 million he paid for it in 2002, but Newsday writes “no one would put bread in the Piano Man’s jar” back then—so it was withdrawn from the market until last week.

The scarcity of real estate inventory that Indianapolis buyers have been coping with is being experienced in many places across the U.S., so Joel’s proposed sale may well be more likely this time round. If the asking price is any indication, he believes that his patience will finally pay off. As the hitmaker himself once sang (in “A Matter of Trust”):

You can take it, you can leave it,

It’s make-believe until it’s only a matter of time.

Give us a call when it’s time to turn ‘make believe’ into real with the sale of your own Indianapolis property—(helipad not required).

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