Fishers Labor Day Calls for a 10-Question Labor Day Quiz!

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Doug Larson was a local columnist in Wisconsin who won national prominence for his droll observations. He came up with what is still the most often repeated joke about Labor Day: “If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably be Labor Day.” Who would have ever guessed that the return to those traffic jams would feel like a welcome return to normalcy?
Fishers’s Labor Day, like everything else this year, is being celebrated a little bit differently—which gives rise to the answer to the first question in this year’s Ten-Question Labor Day Quiz:

1. This year, how should Fishers’s Labor Day be celebrated?
2. What did Aristotle call “The purpose of labor”?
3. What’s the symbol for Labor Day?
4. Should you work hard on Labor Day?
(variation: Should you loaf on Labor Day?)
5. When is Labor Day?
6. How long have Americans celebrated Labor Day?
7. What did Aristotle say ‘puts perfection in the work’?
8. How can you “never have to work a day in your life”?
9. Who invented Labor Day?
10. How did Margaret Mead say she learned the value of hard work?

1. Safely
2. To gain leisure
3. A muscular arm hefting a hammer
4. Not unless you have to. (var. If at all possible)
5. The first Monday in September
6. 138 years (or since 1882)
7. Pleasure in the job
8. Find something you love to do
9. Someone named McGuire (either Peter McGuire or Matthew Maguire, union leaders of the day)
10. By working hard

Here’s hoping that this Fishers Labor Day finds you and your family in great health and with work you love to do awaiting your return. We’ll be hoping to hear from you to help make your next Fishers real estate gambit a resounding success!

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