Home Prices Won’t Solve the ‘Super Rich’ Dilemma

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If you follow the Wall Street Journal’s “Luxury Home” features you are familiar with the properties in U.S. metropolises that sell for more than $100 million. Although the number of such sales has been surpassing that mark, they are still rarities. Fishers median home prices don’t regularly carry that kind of price tag which could be why—like everyone else—most local Journal readers are curious enough to check out the details of those market-toppers.

That made it interesting when last week’s WSJ luxury home article began by pointing out that one unfortunate community has “yet to cross the $100-million threshold.” Ever!

“Why,’ readers may have asked themselves, “why point the spotlight at the unfortunate loser” community? Why put the downtrodden in this one town through such humiliation? Never sold a single hundred-million-dollar house? The shame!

The answer can be found in the identity of the place—the downtrodden are the citizens of Aspen, Colorado—so readers who might have been ready to send them GoFundMe donations can pocket their checkbooks in good conscience. All the more so since Aspen’s problem is perhaps about to end. As Friday’s exclusive report headlined, “A $105 Million Compound Aims to Be Crowned Aspen’s [first] Nine-Figure Home Sale.”

Aside from the details of the profiled (and truly magnificent-looking) nine-figure property, the article linked back to a 2019 WSJ story that explored how “The Super Rich Are Buying $100 Million Homes.” That feature had an unusual two-sentence headline—the second being, “For Some, One isn’t Enough.” The challenge posed by that article (highlighting a 40,000-square-foot-Bel-Air mansion asking $225 million) was the problem faced by “people worth $50 billion”—namely, “what do you do with it?” Since Aspen’s latest listing wouldn’t put much of a dent in that dilemma, Fishers readers will have to seek the answer elsewhere.

For local house hunters not burdened with billion-dollar dilemmas, Fishers home prices are currently available across a wide range. Call us anytime to discuss the opportunities now out there!

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