Is Fishers Real Estate Information Gold or Fool’s Gold?

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The web has long since upended the public library as the principal dispensary of the latest research on publicly accessible information—so much so that the libraries themselves rate their offering of free computer access as one of the prime reasons why “Going to the library” is “the most common cultural activity in America” (if you find that hard to believe, check out this Chicago Tribune explanation).

When Fishers real estate data, like the latest local trends and activity, become a central point of inquiry, the internet’s easy 24/7 accessibility would seem to offer a giant step forward. In some respects, that can be true—but always with the proviso that the trustworthiness of online data should always be confirmed by multiple sources and they should be checked to confirm that those sources don’t all depend on a single point of origin. That’s too often the case since most search portals place the most clicked-upon answers at the top of their SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)—making today’s research summaries prone to mistaking popularity for reliability.

You might think that the rise of Artificial Intelligence promises to sharpen the accuracy of Fishers’s online real estate data, but for the moment, that remains a future possibility. You can check that yourself. Ask one of the much-improved free-access chatbots a question like, “How many Fishers homes were sold in March (or February, or a year ago) and you will get an answer that goes something like, “I’m sorry, but my database only goes up to September 2021…”—or worse yet, an answer based on old data without the warning attached. The most admired AI chatbot,, apologizes with an added recommendation that you check local real estate publications, news websites, or contact a local real estate agency.

That’s an applause-worthy recommendation. When up-to-the-moment Fishers real estate information is important enough to ask—just give us a call. We’ll be delighted to provide it, 100% obligation free!

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