Virtual Tours in Indianapolis: Now’s the Time!

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In case you’ve been thinking of selling your home but aren’t keen on letting strangers into the house at this moment in time, that problem has a two-word solution (although, in fact, those strangers probably don’t want to come into your house, either).

The two words are “virtual tour.”

While Indianapolis virtual tours have long been prominent in the toolboxes of Indianapolis sellers and their agents, never before have they been so perfectly suited to the needs of the moment. The major listing syndication sites for both rentals and sales now feature warnings that in-person tours may be “unavailable”—right next to inviting “virtual tour” links.

At the same time, the technology has evolved to a point where a virtual tour in Indianapolis does not need to be professionally shot or edited. Even though a few post-production touches can be beneficial, some virtual tours can be created by a homeowner simply walking through the home using their smartphone’s built-in high-def video ability.

For homeowners seeking to add a virtual tour themselves, video pros cite a few basic tips:

  • Hold the camera horizontally, like a movie—not vertical, like a selfie (most people tend to do that). The human eye responds better to the wide format—and the resulting images convey a less cramped feel.
  • Do you have open corners, uncluttered storage spaces, or other potential office areas? As today’s workforce evolves, many buyers are now conscious of the need for a space appropriate for “Zoom room” teleconferencing. Be prepared to clear and highlight any such potentially useful niches.
  • As always, fresh, trend-conscious paint choices and rigorous de-cluttering are two of the easiest and most effective improvements any homeowner can make. They will also go far to contribute to a knockout video tour!

If you’re thinking of selling a home in Indianapolis this summer or fall, now is the time to get planning. Call us today to discuss listing your home with a minimum of hassle—and maximum results!

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